Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sebastian's Woodland Adventure

Maybe it was a bit soon after we were all sick last week, but we decided to take advantage of the nice weather on Sunday and explore the area around our neighborhood a bit. So we got Sebastian hooked up into his chariot, which we lovingly call "The Beast." It's huge, but absolutely fantastic for rougher trails and off-roading. He loves sitting up and holding on to the bar in front. Here's him in front of the forsythia by our local pool. Not sure what that face is all about.

The dogs came too, and were SO excited. Sebastian wondered what all the fuss was about. We were just going to take an easy walk with Mummo and Pappa, check out the paths around (there are tons). But then we saw the Buttermilk Creek Nature Trail. And, of course, we had to check it out. It started out pretty tame, if wet. It had been raining for a few days, on and off, but the day turned out to be gorgeous and sunny (hot, even!). But it got steeper, rockier, and the path got progressively narrower! There were puddles to skirt, rocks to avoid, roots to traverse, and even a few small streams to ford! What an adventure!

The Beast stepped up to the challenge, though, and between Aiti, Pappa, and Daddy, we managed the stroller just fine. The path wound round and round in these beautiful woods (who knew there was all this wilderness right in the middle of Reston?), along a really cool creek. Sebastian is going to have SO much fun there when he's older collecting rocks, sticks, frogs, and generally just getting filthy, as little boys do. For now, though, he was content to sit in his stroller, enjoy the ride, and take in all the new sights, sounds, and smells around him. We even passed some horse manure on the path! Mmm!
Then we ended up at Lake Fairfax! It's amazing how close we were! They do fireworks there on the fourth of July, and all sorts of other festivals besides. There's a water park there, too, that I'm SURE we'll be frequenting as the boy gets older. Going around the lake, we saw several enormous herons, a family of turtles sitting on a rock, and all sorts of other wildlife. The highlight of the day, though, was seeing an entire herd of deer! There were at least eight of them, including several babies! They were in the woods not 10 yards from us...brave things, with two big dogs so nearby! We all sort of stopped and stared at each other, until they all decided to head off and ran and leaped away. It was cool to see!
We were all pretty worn out by the time we made our way back to the paved path. We'd worked up quite a sweat tromping around! In the end, though, everyone had a good time, and Sebastian seems eager to go again soon!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Army Crawler Extraordinaire!

Well, our lives, as we know them, are over. Sebastian is mobile. He's been getting there, learning the army crawl (pulling himself along on his belly by his arms) for a few weeks now. But he's gotten REALLY good at it, and can get across rooms in no time flat. Watch out, world!

He doesn't hands-and-knees crawl at all yet, but he's QUITE speedy pulling himself on his belly:

And then I tried to get him to do it again. He decided to pull the "I'm SO tired and whiny and you are very mean" thing. But watch his face after the first bout...you'll see his REAL motives! What a little actor! He pulls the pathetic head-in-his-hands thing all. the. time. icon_rolleyes.gif

This is the next day. Ken was home and helping me, erm, motivate him.

And then we tried to help him get up on his knees. His thighs are ticklish:

Yep, the times, they are a-changin'. Time to install the baby gates on the stairs, methinks.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sick Baby

Even though he looks pretty cheerful in the pic, Sebastian has his first illness. :( I know we've been SO lucky that he hasn't been sick up until now. I mean there have been a few times when he had terrible reflux issues or whatever, but he hasn't gotten a "bug" from what we could tell. No colds, no flu. Nothing. Well, first time for everything, I guess. But could our kid start with a simple cold or sniffles? Naaaah! He had to go and get the throw-up/diarrhea kind of sick.

He's been more clingy and irritable the past few days, but I figured it was teeth or the moon or something. Then yesterday he started vomiting. He threw up a LOT at my parents' house twice on Monday, and felt feverish and just not himself.

Then this morning all hell broke loose. He woke up at 5am to eat, and Ken brought him to bed with us so I could feed him. Ken laid him down next to me, but the minute he saw the boob he started SCREAMING. This is majorly odd because he's usually opening his mouth like a little baby bird on the way down! Ken walked him around to calm him down, tried again, screaming again. More walking. Third time's the charm, I guess...he finally ate, but only from one side (he usually does both), and then fell asleep. I figured maybe he was still a little under the weather and figured he could eat more if he woke up in a bit. Then, around 5:30, he proceeds to throw up ALL over our bed. And himself. And both of us. EWW!

Oh, did I mention he'd had blueberries for dinner so it was REALLY nasty? So there we are, with blueberry baby vomit all over us, our sheets, the baby, his clothes, etc. Fun. Ken went and changed the baby while I changed myself and started getting the sheets off the bed. Luckily by the time the bed was made again, Sebastian seemed to feel better so all three of us went to sleep again, on and off, until about 8.

Then the poo-splosions started. Got up and went about our business, and Sebastian proceeded to have perhaps his most massive poo ever. (Beware: the following description is not for the faint of heart. If you are squeamish, skip to the next paragraph!) Not only did poo shoot out the back of his diaper and almost up to his neck, but it also shot up his front, out his diaper, and over his belly button. YUCK! Ken was the lucky one to clean THAT puppy up. Of course by the time you clean that much crap off a flailing, squirmy baby, it is everywhere. Sebastian loves to grab his junk while being changed, so of course he did that, and then proceeded to wipe poo everywhere...his arms, his armpit, his chest, I think even his HAIR got some. EWW! Oh, and remember the blueberries-for-dinner-last-night? Yeah, they make for beautifully-colored poo, too. I think he peed on the changing table during the epic change, too. Way to go, kid.

(It is now safe to continue, oh-squeamish reader.) Anyway, so after that was cleaned up, we figure he'd HAVE to be feeling better. I mean I don't even know how that much crap FIT in such a little boy! But he's still listless and clingy, and feels warm. We figure he has to actually be sick. Poor guy! We gave him some tylenol to help with the fever, and tried to feed him some solids (oatmeal with melon...he usually LOVES it). He wouldn't touch it. Like kept his mouth totally shut. The only thing he'd even go near was Cheerios. So we let him eat as many as he wanted...he seems to be nursing fine, still, so I'm not worried about him getting dehydrated, at least.

Anyway, so Ken left for work and I gave the kiddo a sorely-needed bath. Throughout the day he proceeded to throw up twice more (but nothing as spectacular as the first one), have two more CRAZY poops, and generally was miserable. Poor kiddo. He even went to sleep early...fell asleep while getting his last feeding in, and we didn't even get to read a story or do anything else we usually do. Sad little guy.

Hopefully he'll sleep well tonight (so far so good), and feel better tomorrow. I'm at work ALL day (have a late meeting, even), so my parents have him. I hope he is over this soon...it's so hard to see your kid unwell. He's a trooper, though...even though he was feeling awful, he still managed to smile whenever he could, talk up a storm while eating his cheerios, and even laugh at himself as he tried to stand up by himself and kept falling down (this is, apparently, a new fun game).

What a sweet kid we have.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Fun with Emilia!

It was a ROUGH morning (migraine + screaming baby = very unfun), but things got exponentially better in the afternoon when my friend Jessica came over with her daughter Emilia to distract Mr. Cranky Pants and rescue me!

We hung out, had coffee, and even played on the swings at the park behind out new house. It was great fun! Ok, ok, I'll get to what you came here for: PICTURES!

First, they each did some time in their own swings:

Then, we had to do the double-baby swing thing!

Sebastian: "Hey there, pretty lady!"
Emilia: "Oooh, look! The ground!"

Then it was kind of cold so we went inside. Diaper changes all around! One thing led to another (as they do), and the couple ended up in bed together!

Sebastian: "Hey, lady! Check out my CRIB"
Emilia: *eyeroll*

Sebastian: "Wanna stand up like me? See, you hold on to the railing like this..."
Emilia: "Like so?"
Emilia's Mommy: "SEBASTIAN! Stop teaching her to get into trouble!"
Sebastian's Mommy: *snicker*

Sebastian: "It's ok, Emilia, I'll show you when our parents aren't around!"
Emilia: "My hero!"

Sebastian: *mischievous grin*
Emilia: "One day I'll have vampire teeth like that too! Hooray!"

It's fabulous to have such good friends. Sebastian even slept for like an hour after they left! Woo hoo!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

First Sink Bath!

I can't believe he's never gotten one before, but today, Sebastian had his first bath in the sink! Well, when he was tiny, his baby bathtub fit in the sink, but that doesn't count. This time, we just filled our wonderfully deep new sink with a few inches of water, plunked the kid in, and commenced with the cleaning. Sebastian seemed to really like it, and it was much easier on my back than crouching over the tub.

We decided to give it a try because we're still in the process of re-grouting both of our bathtubs and only have a shower right now. And let me tell you, juggling a wet, soapy, squirmy kid in a very small shower is not the easiest thing in the world! Today was nice, because Ken got home early, and got to help out with bathtime. The faucet head comes off and can be used as a sprayer, too, so it worked really well for rinsing. Hooray for new kitchens!

In any case, there was much fun to be had. Here are some pictures (you KNOW I documented it!):

"Wait a minute, what is this foolishness? I am not a dish! Let me out!"

"Ok, I guess it isn't so bad! (By the way, check out my cute teeth.)"

"Now I will sit and look pensive about the dirt I have lost."

"Whee, now I will splash and get water EVERYWHERE!"

"Ok, I'm done now. I'll just climb out on my own, k?"

All in all, a successful endeavor. We ended up with a clean baby, no sore backs, and a cleaner kitchen because we had to wipe up all the splashing! :) Methinks more sink baths will be in Sebastian's future.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Beautiful Day in the (New) Neighborhood...

Well, even though there's SO much unpacking still to do in the basement, and a lot of stuff still has to find its place, I think I can safely say that we're settled in our new house. The kitchen is done (with countertops and a new fridge!), furniture is all pretty much where it's going to be, and our main living spaces are arranged. Hooray!

Today was so gorgeous we decided that rather than tackle the basement, we'd spend our time outdoors. We took Sebastian to the tot lot right behind our house, and he had a blast playing on the swings. The dogs had a great time sniffing and exploring the new neighborhood, and we got some fresh air. The "tot lot" is more like a little park, actually, with lots of grassy space, a playground, some trees, etc. And it's literally 50 yards from our back gate. I have a feeling we're going to be spending LOTS of time there.

After the park, we decided to tackle a bit of the front courtyard. It's sort of a hard place to explain, but it's basically a recessed front yard, with (deteriorating) terracing built in, and a wooden patio at the bottom. The door of the basement rec room opens out there, and I imagine it'll be a really cool place to hang out when the weather is nice and we have the place cleaned up. It had what looked like several years' worth of leaves piled up, though, and vines and plants run amok!

We did some trimming, some raking, and some pruning, and it does look a lot better. We're planning on redoing the terracing (well, this time, so that the walls aren't crumbling!) come spring, but we want to wait to see what kind of plants come up before we start digging! It's a bit hard to explain, and this picture is dreadful, but you can sort of get the idea. The pictures is taken from the "bridge" that goes to our front door. The house is on the right, obviously, with the door to the rec room directly at the bottom right of the picture, out of view. Around the corner of the house, stairs go up to the gate.

Sebastian was a very good helper, as were the dogs, and the former even got in a nap while Äiti and Daddy slaved away. In any case, it was a good day, even if I'm totally exhausted now. Sebastian got up at 5am (daylight savings time? who knows!) and didn't really want to go back to sleep, so it's been a loooong one. And with that, I'm going to stop writing and go veg on the couch.

I'll be getting back into blogging more regularly now that the major moving stuff is done with. So stay tuned for more in the life of us and the spawnling!